Feel Fitter & Healthier Everyday
Experience the joy of life, a healthy body and happiness through NSR programmes...

Remove potientially life treatening harmful toxins and substances from your internal system. Restore natural healing power of your body to achieve prime health.

Worry no more about counting calories, strict diets, strenuous exercise or diet pills. Rejoice yourself when you start looking and feeling younger, while effortlessly achieve your desirable shaped and toned body.

Choose only what you can eat to be put on your skin and body! All treatments are completely free of chemicals and as natural as it can be using quality oils and natural herbs.

You may feel yourself regaining your confidence with not only a desirable shaped and toned body, but also a healthier body!

All About You

Channelling your purpose and focus towards your ideal weight. Be mindful, present and alive.

Slimming Journey & Success Stories

Listen and connect to the like-minded, wonderful individual just like you. Be inspired by their journey towards their ideal body.

Ayurveda Lifestyle Tips

Healthy, joyful, happy, confident, cheerful, calm, hope, loved. Embrace this feelings within you.

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Being Outdoors

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Simple Food Recipes

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Featured Healing Herbs

Discover the amazing healing properties of the herbs that have been used for centuries.


NSR Centre is devoted to provide women with a comfortable, stress-free and nurturing space for them to lose weight naturally and restore their health. We educate and empower women to experience the joy of life, a healthy body and happiness through the NSR programmes.

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